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Escape into a beautiful, floral fantasy with PICTON. Designed in the Warwick Design studio, PICTON is a bold, evocative collection bursting with colour that is perfect for creating a captivating and sophisticated aesthetic suited to a myriad of interior styling possibilities. Its beautifully soft velvet texture is plush and durable, making it suitable for striking residential and whimsical heavy commercial upholstery applications.

PICTON is a contemporary, modern, Jurassic-inspired floral print that is full of depth, colour and varying motifs. Bold in nature, PICTON is digitally printed on our MYSTERE fabric, creating a smooth base cloth that accentuates the rich plethora of colours and adds visual depth. Plush and soft to touch, this collection has a subtle sheen in its finish and is bound to create striking statement pieces. Its expressive, creative design and variety of stunning colourways spark imagination and creativity, as well as bring whimsical and joyful moods to an interior. 

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